Creative Colourful Acrylic Paintings

Caruso does a number of paintings on canvas, each one a unique expression of something that has caught the artist's interest.

This painting is a detail of Caruso's take on the sacred heart which is protected by angel's wings. The whole painting is one of Caruso's larger works 36x48" and is called Freedom to Fly and is a representation of how faith can move people forward in a positive manner. Its full unveiling coming soon.

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One of a Kind Creative Works for Purchase

Caruso has a colorful, creative style that is uniquely her own. Her paintings are done on canvas or rocks and are painted with acrylic and rocks are coated with resin. They are first hand drawn, then painted. These works are free hand and not done with stencils or decoupage.

People who have purchased her works have done so for giving unique gifts or simply because they love Caruso's work. They have remarked on how they are always well received and great conversation pieces for livening up walls, walk ways, door stops or book shelves.

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Custom Work

Animals are a favorite subject for Caruso. She attempts to express their unique nature, how they relate to humans and her work lets their unique personalities shine through .

Caruso offers people the chance to have their pet personified and immortalized on a rock or canvas. She will use a photo of the pet and add her own unique flair to the work to create an amazing painting of an animal with additional adornments such as in a professional outfit (doctor, police man), a high society person or dignitary or in steam punk attire.

Contact Heather Caruso for a quote with a description of your pet. Please note given the nature of this one of a kind hand crafted work, there is a turn around time.

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About Heather Caruso

Heather Caruso is a Guelph Ontario resident. She is a busy Mom of two, nutritionist and homeopath who recently dove back into her artwork after a 30 year hiatus. She is a graduate of Sheridan College and University of Toronto's joint program in Art and Art History in 1993, where she learned about fine art movements and hands on skills like painting, collage, sculpture, print making and photography.

In the past few years Caruso has rediscovered her love of creating unique art and has not stopped painting since. She paints on rocks, glass or canvas with a style all her own. Her inspiration can come from viewing other cultures, art, spiritual symbols and a love of nature and animals.

Caruso uses a unique and colorful painting style that is quite eye catching and sure to start conversations! Her quirky sense of humor and creative sense shine through in her works.

Caruso has some of her unique works for purchase. She has sold many of her works for people who simply love the style of her art, want an interesting rock to line their garden path or poolside with a conversation piece. She also does custom work of pet lovers beloved animal.

If interested in purchasing or requesting a custom work, please message us for more details.

A sampling of Heather Caruso's art work.

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To purchase one of Heather Caruso's unique art pieces or request a custom order, please email us your details, including your phone number.

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